John Gruber on the iPhone 4s event →

John Gruber breaks down the iPhone 4s event in a way that few others could do. As usual, the piece has insightful commentary, including this on the iOS/Android battle:

If you value tech specs over practical real-world battery life, if you would like to choose from a variety of screen sizes ranging from 3-4.5 inches, if you would prefer a thicker bulkier form factor to accomodate large LTE chips and a bigger battery to power said LTE chips, then the iPhone is not and never will be the phone for you. And, lucky for you, there’s another platform, Android, that offers you everything you want.

This really hits at the crux of the difference between iOS and Android; Apple values amazing battery life, a consistant UI experience, and a low ease of use/high secure environment for iOS. If you want larger screens, cutting edge LTE radios before they have been optimized, and the freedom to do whatever you want with your device, there’s a platform for you in Android.

It’s easy for people in one camp to argue about what is the right tradeoffs to make, but Android and iOS aren’t becoming more similar; they’re becoming more divergent. And that’s really a good thing for both fans of Android and iOS. There’s plenty of room for both to be successful to the needs of different-minded customers.

The rest of Gruber’s article is required reading for anyone trying to understand Apple’s strategy or direction.