Hello, I’m Derek Correia, and I’m the man behind the curtain here at derekc.net. I live in Southern New Hampshire, work as a software developer, and like to talk about technology, gaming, and other such interests with anyone who will listen. My goal with the site was to post the occasional long form thought, along with some links and commentary on things that interest me. To that point, I hope you enjoy the site.

Photo by Don Marsh

If you couldn’t tell from the photo up there, I’m also a huge fan of craft beer. I live with two annoying cats, and my incredibly patient girlfriend, in a domicile that isn’t big enough for the four of us. I’m an avid if not spectacular pinball player, and enjoy shooting the shit (and other people) with my friends in various video games. I also enjoy doing website and iOS development, and have put together a few sites and apps for my friends when asked.


I use a lot of tools in creating this site, as well as in my day to day life. Here are the ones I can wholeheartedly recommend:


I’m a huge fan of Apple’s Mac and iOS platforms. I use a Retina Macbook Pro and 2010 27” iMac as my main home computing platform. At work, I use an original Mac Pro with Intel Xenons. I spend quite a bit of time in Windows as well, and still maintain that Visual Studio is the best IDE around.


The site is hosted at Media Temple using their Grid platform. The blog is powered by WordPress.



Post Types

I’ll make two general types of post types here on the site. If you’re familiar with how Daring Fireball works, you should be right at home.

Original posts are highlighted with a star glyph before the title. These are generally longer form posts that are original or longer discussions on a post. The post title links to the long form post as a permalink. Linked List posts are highlighted with an arrow glyph following the post title. Clicking the post title will take you to the original story being discussed in my post. To the best of my ability, I try to name authors and sites in my summary before linking you off. I don’t generally copy/paste full articles here, as I think it’s important that the authors get their credit, and often, the stories are better than my summary.

You may subscribe to my site via RSS by clicking here. The RSS feeds should behave by the same rules outlined above.


You may have noticed I don’t allow for comments on the blog. The truth of the matter is that sites like this one generate two kinds of comments:

  • Spam, and
  • Short sighted, fanboy laden rants

Most comments I read on sites add nothing to what the author wrote. Blogs such as mine aren’t so much a discussion as they are a monologue.

That said, I value your critical input and thoughts, well thought out disagreements, and suggestions for reading material. I’m not difficult to reach, and the easiest way is for you to ping me on Twitter @derekc. You can also e-mail me at derekcorreia@me.com. While I may not have time to respond to your message, I will certainly read it.

Thank you again for stopping by.

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